Democrats in Sacramento Should be Honest in Tax Policy

The tax plan announced by Speaker Paul Ryan is a positive move towards simplifying our tax code and making taxes more transparent to working families. While some Californians will be adversely affected by an elimination of the deductions that currently exist for state and local taxes paid, a bigger question arises:  Why don’t we just […]

Don’t Give Volkswagen an Unfair Advantage

Last week, the California Air Resources Board heard from the public on Volkswagen’s $800 million spending plan for Zero Emissions Vehicle infrastructure, access, and education in California. But in order to know if this spending is a good deal for California, it’s important to know how we got here. We cannot forget that Volkswagen executed […]

Bill Signed by Gov. Brown Hurts Farmers and Farmworkers

California already is among the least business-friendly states in America. This legislation (AB 1066) Adds to an already long list of reasons why businesses and farmers are leaving California. The consequences of this legislation are hardly unknown. Farmers across the state have been sounding warning bells about AB 1066 since similar legislation was rejected earlier […]

Change the Law so Cities Keep Illegal Immigrants Facing Prosecution in Custody

In the wake of the tragic killing of a young woman in San Francisco last week by a convicted felon who had previously been deported from the United States five times, I submitted legislation that will require all of California’s cities and counties to cooperate fully with Federal immigration authorities – especially when criminals in […]