GO-Biz to Host “Grow California Business” Summit in Long Beach

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Governor Brown’s Economic Development Director to Meet with Long Beach Small Business Owners

Long Beach, Calif. – The Governor’s Office of Business and Economic Development (GO-Biz) is hosting a Small Business Summit at Long Beach City College as part of an ongoing series of events throughout the state to help small business owners and entrepreneurs access resources. GO-Biz director Panorea Avdis will speak to attendees and meet with small business owners at the summit to discuss programs and resources available to Long Beach area business owners.

The event is open to all small business owners and small business supporters. Please register at: http://bit.ly/1qEdjIb

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In Politics, It Isn’t Easy Being Clean

Sherry Bebitch Jeffe & Doug Jeffe
Sherry Bebitch Jeffe, Professor of the Practice of Public Policy Communication, Sol Price School of Public Policy and Doug Jeffe, Communications and Public Affairs Strategist

“If you can’t take their money, drink their booze, eat their food, screw their women and vote against them, you don’t belong here,” the late California Assembly Speaker Jesse M. Unruh famously said.   That observation capsulizes the disconnect between the world views of Democratic Presidential candidates Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders.

Senator Sanders and Donald Trump rail about politicians being beholden to “special interests” and a lot of voters are eating it up.  Sanders’ supporters, like their candidate, more than imply that taking campaign contributions and speaking fees from banks, oil companies and unions automatically makes politicians “corrupt.”  On the other hand, officials like President Barack Obama, former Secretary of State Clinton and California’s Governor Jerry Brown insist that voters should look at what they’ve done in office and not just at who are large contributors to their campaigns.

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Center for Jobs and the Economy Launches New Congressional District Profiles

Rob Lapsley
President, California Business Roundtable

The California Center for Jobs and the Economy, a project of the California Business Roundtable, unveiled new California Congressional District Profiles to provide a detailed analysis of important economic trends, including job gains and losses, jobs located within each district by industry, wages, energy prices, unemployment rates, housing prices, income levels, number of persons receiving food stamps and other economic and demographic factors.

The Center for Jobs and the Economy has expanded beyond the existing legislative district profiles to include all of California’s congressional districts as well. The current data is already widely used by policymakers, regulators and the media to find detailed analyses of California’s diverse economy.

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Gee, Officer Krupke

Michael Bernick
Former California Employment Development Department Director and author, The Autism Job Club (2015, with R. Holden)

It is valuable from time to time to be reminded of how our public workforce system in California and nationwide—the system of job training/counseling/placement—has improved over the past few decades. This past week, while in New York, I was reminded of two failed workforce policies that held sway in 1960s and 1970s, and how they were finally overturned.

The occasion was a meeting in New York of long-time workforce practitioners, drawing on past experiences in looking to emerging workforce challenges. John Colborn, the incoming Chief Operating Office of JEVS Human Services in Philadelphia, led us in thinking about changes we’ve seen in the past half-century. We covered a wide range of topics and policies. Here, though, I want to very briefly set out these two failed policy approaches, as they are ones we need to continue to be on guard against.

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Government Solutions Not Right for Housing Crisis

David Kersten
Kersten Institute for Governance and Public Policy

California is in the midst of a severe and growing housing crisis, and the Legislative leadership in Sacramento appears to not have the faintest understanding about the causes and possible real solutions to the problem.  Housing costs are skyrocketing, and the housing market is failing to build additional housing at a rate that comes anywhere close to matching demand.

California Assembly leaders, including Speaker Anthony Rendon, just proposed a package of more than $1 billion in new spending through existing state programs that is meant to address the housing crisis.  The package demonstrates an ignorance of the causes of the housing crisis, and carries on a “business as usual” approach to “solving” problems in Sacramento which relies 100% on spending taxpayer money and zero percent on innovative reform ideas or changes to the existing status quo. (Resources:  Housing California summary,LA Times Report

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Why Not Give Everyone Two U.S. Senate Votes?

Joe Mathews
Connecting California Columnist and Editor, Zócalo Public Square, Fellow at the Center for Social Cohesion at Arizona State University and co-author of California Crackup: How Reform Broke the Golden State and How We Can Fix It (UC Press, 2010)

Add another failure to the political horror show that is California’s top-two voting system:

Top two doesn’t’ allow you to pick the top two.

Nope, you only get to pick one candidate to advance in a top two system. That’s wrong in any circumstance – voters should get to pick as many candidates as advance in any election.

It’s particularly crazy in the context of this June’s first-round top-two election for the U.S. Senate.

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Maybe-Finally-Relief for Lawsuits Against Small Business

Joel Fox
Editor of Fox & Hounds and President of the Small Business Action Committee

It’s been a long time coming with much damage done to small business owners but legislators seem to be zeroing in on corrective measures to give business owners a chance to meet the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) without facing destructive lawsuits.

Senator John Moorlach SB 1142, scheduled to be heard in the Senate Judiciary Committee today, “would provide that a defendant is not liable for statutory damages, costs, or plaintiff’s attorney’s fees for an alleged violation that is corrected within 120 days of service of a demand letter alleging the violation.”

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Senate Debate Gets No Respect in LA

Joel Fox
Editor of Fox & Hounds and President of the Small Business Action Committee

The first U.S. Senate debate featuring five top candidates from both major political parties was held at the University of the Pacific yesterday but it didn’t get much respect in California’s largest city. The debate was advertised for 8 p.m. on KCOP Channel 13 – okay that was a taped delay of the debate, which actually went off at 6 p.m.—but at least the many interested viewers in the Los Angeles area could see it.

I even checked in the morning and saw it listed on the channel’s schedule. But when I turned on the set at 8 p.m. to watch, the debate wasn’t on. Another contest—the Los Angeles Angels baseball game with the Kansas City Royals had taken its place.

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Poll: Trump leads in CA GOP primary

Fox&Hounds Contributor

(Editor’s note: This piece originally appeared in Capitol Weekly and is re-printed here with permission. At the end of the piece, Capitol Weekly editor John Howard discusses the plan for more polls.)

Perhaps all attention on primary night in California should be on the 33rdCongressional District – home to the Trump National Golf Club.  After all, in New York, the only Congressional District that Donald Trump didn’t win was the one in which he lives.

Trump is likely to do well in California, too.

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Split Personality


Bergman Minimum Wage Hike

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