The Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association announced its intention to sue the State of California if it attempts to collect a new fire tax that could cost homeowners an additional $150 per year.

The State’s largest taxpayer organization plans to file a lawsuit on the grounds that the new fire tax qualifies as a tax increase under Proposition 13 and should have required a two-thirds vote in the Legislature.

The new tax conjured up by Governor Brown creates an undue hardship on California homeowners who are already struggling to pay their mortgages. Homeowners and taxpayers in California have had enough of the state budget shell games. The fire tax is illegal, and if implemented, we will fight to have it overturned.

Before a suit can be filed, the state must begin collecting the new tax so that Jarvis lawyers can represent as plaintiffs those who must pay, meaning the actual legal battle will not begin until sometime next year. HJTA has already lined up hundreds of homeowners who have volunteered to act as plaintiffs as soon as they receive a tax bill.