Is President Obama ‘pro-business’ or ‘anti-business’?

Patrick Dorinson
Host of The Cowboy Libertarian Radio Talk Show in Sacramento

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Obama is neither "pro-business" nor "anti-business". He is "pro-Obama"
and he will do anything to sell and protect his brand.

In a nation of narcissists he is unchallenged for the number one spot even if the brand is losing some of its luster.

Obama’s problem is that he has absolutely no knowledge of how business
works particularly small business, which is the backbone of the

I don’t think President Obama could run a lemonade stand on a hot day without government assistance.

Likewise he has been hoodwinked by the "bug and bunny" environmentalist
crowd that the new "green economy" will magically transform America
into some mythical environmental utopia where we all ride bikes to
work, eat organic vegetables, take mass transit, put solar panels or
propellers on our heads to power our cell phones and gleefully wait in
line for rationed health care. Try hauling a load of hay or alfalfa or
Fed Ex deliveries behind a mountain bike.

This week he went to two "green economy" businesses to tout how the
stimulus is helping this industry. Currently it is heavily subsidized
by a Congress and a White House that must have failed Econ101. Wall
Street is not investing in this pie in the sky, the government is and
doing it very poorly.

Could these companies survive without stimulus or other government subsidies? Doubtful. Just ask Spain.

Spain has been pushing this pipe dream for years and a report found out
that the government subsidies for these new jobs was anywhere from
$752,000 to $800,000 per job. Wind jobs subsidies can be up to $1.4
million per job. Where do I sign up!

And with all this government investing Spain’s unemployment rate is at 18.1%.

President Obama will do whatever it takes to save the only job and business he really cares about – CEO of Barack Obama, Inc.

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