Donald Trump’s statement on Meet the Press yesterday that he will deport all illegal immigrants and their American born children has huge implications for California, where this could affect as many as five million people.

California is home to at least 2.5 million illegals, mostly Mexicans, who will need to be deported to Mexico.  Their American born children currently have citizenship under the 14th Amendment, but Mr. Trump plans to reverse this and they will be deported also.  

The first thing Mr. Trump will need to do is clear out some legal underbrush.  There are all kinds of laws that say what he wants to do is unconstitutional.  But thanks to President Obama’s vast expansion of executive actions, there is no reason a President Trump could not declare via an executive order that illegal Mexicans have no rights and the law must not be used to prevent their deportation.  He can also via executive order strip the courts of any jurisdiction to restrain his evacuation plans.

A good model for Mr. Trump is the 1935 Nuremberg Law in Germany that defined who was Jewish and then stripped them of all their rights.  Mr. Trump will need by executive order to define all illegal Mexicans (those without a birth certificate or naturalization papers) and their American born children as essentially stateless.

Expelling five million people from California will be a huge undertaking.  First thing is to find out where they are.  Fortunately, the 2010 US Census does define Latinos to the census tract level, and Mr. Trump should immediately hire demographers to go over this data, and pinpoint where the Latinos are currently living.

Holding camps will need to be established to incarcerate the five million illegals and their children as they are being deported, and they will be need to be placed near rail heads as the only practical way to expel the five million is in sealed rail cars.  Mr. Trump needs to be in touch now with the major railroad companies to obtain the necessary rolling stock, since if you figure 200 illegals per rail car it will take 25,000 rail cars to transport the five million illegals to Mexico.

This will also require a huge security operation, and with the American military spread throughout the world, the Trump plan clearly will necessitate a paramilitary force.  Once each of the Republican losers has dropped out of the presidential race and Mr. Trump has taken control of the Republican machinery in each state, he should order Republican central committees to form paramilitary militia forces like the Minutemen to be sent to the Mexican border to assist in securing the trains and keeping the illegals in Mexico once they are deposited there.

A good example of how this can be done is the German evacuation of the Warsaw Ghetto in 1942 and 1943.  Their use of a nearby rail yard plus large boxcars allowed the Germans to transfer hundreds of thousands of people in a very short time, and they were doing this in the middle of a war and with no computers.  Mr. Trump would be wise to send his team to Warsaw and they can see just how efficiently it was done.

The full deportation of the five million California illegals will probably need to be done within the first hundred days of the Trump Administration as he is selling his plan for its job creation benefits. So many native Californians cannot get jobs because all the field hand and hotel maid jobs are held by illegals, so once the illegals are gone these jobs will open up.  A close reading of Mr. Trump’s immigration plans shows that this is one of its primary goals, and doubtless it will be popular with the American electorate.