While the nominees for Fox and Hounds Daily’s annual Black Bart Award for the political person/event/organization of the year covered a wide range from politicians to a movie director, this year’s honoree is collectively the California Democrats who dominated the elections and will pursue an agenda fit for one-party rule.

Gov. Jerry Brown was mentioned by all of us offering our opinions on the most prominent California political actor, as was incoming governor Gavin Newsom, but neither were tabbed as an outright nominee.

Since the Democrats’ landslide victories and the Republicans’ humbling defeats did each garner a nomination—two sides of the same coin from this year’s influential and historic election—it seemed that the election story, and the big-time winner, should receive the nod for the Black Bart Award for 2018.

What the Democrats will do with their power and where they will lead the state remains to be seen. However, they are in a masterful position now to make grand changes—for better or worse.

The borders of the Golden State will not limit the influence of the California voters’ decision.

As John Wildermuth wrote in nominating the Democrats: “California’s Democratic voters and politicians had an impact that stretched far beyond the state’s borders in 2018 and not only on individual issues like immigration, clean air and the environment.”

Will California Democratic voters’ attitude help guide the national party as it seeks its 2020 presidential nominee?

In the meantime, next month a new administration takes over the state government. There will be lots to talk about in 2019.

Fox and Hounds Daily will now take its annual year-end hiatus until January.

F&H Daily Black Bart Award winners:

2009 State Sen. Abel Maldonado

2010 Governor-elect Jerry Brown

2011 Controller John Chiang

2012 Molly Munger and Charles Munger Jr.

2013 California’s Mayors

2014 The Non-Voter

2015 Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom

2016 Senator-elect Kamala Harris

2017 State Senate Leader Kevin de León

2018 Dominating Democrats