Devin Nunes needs a thicker hide.

You know a politician has gone off the rails when he can’t take a joke, as Nunes has failed to do, suing a Twitter account “Devin Nunes’ cow” as part of a $250 million lawsuit against his critics.

You have to worry about a politician who lashes out when he’s compared to something in which he’s supposed to take great pride. Nunes is from a dairy farming family. Why is associating you with a cow an insult? Does it remind people that he’s left the dairies behind (and that his family business has moved out of state)?

As the rare writer daring (or foolish) enough to have written in the voice of a cow, I know that cows are not simple creatures. In this era, they are genetically engineered machines that produce huge amounts of milk in a short period of time.

They produce, they die, they become a meal for someone else at the end. It’s not an existence not unlike that of politicians.

So don’t elevate the critics—and enhance their Twitter followers. Lean into the cow thing. Wear cow-spotted suites. Embrace your bovine side.

And while you’re at it, you might reconsider why you keep running with Trump’s herd.