Following the recent uprisings in Venezuela and France, the results of Australia’s May 18th election may have put California lawmakers on notice that California’s working class and blue collar voters may also be ready to express their opinions at the polls.

In a remarkable and most unexpected outcome, Australia’s conservative Prime Minister Scott Morrison has retained the country’s leadership at the recent Australian Federal Parliamentary election (18 May, 2019). Morrison’s victory confounded a wide array of commentators, academics, advocacy groups, industry groups, all of the opinion polls, most of the media and a host of fringe political groups who not only predicted victory for the Labor opposition but an emphatic one. It was ne’er to be.

The outcome was a stark reversal of expectations. The Labor Party recorded a swing against it and rather than winning seats, lost them. Their primary vote collapsed in many areas. In the resource rich state of Queensland, only one in four voters gave Labor their first preference vote. Nationally, the figure was just one in three.

With Australians struggling with flat real wage growth and having borne the brunt of a changing employment landscape, rising fuel costs and electricity bills and falling confidence in their future, this was not the time to tell them it was their duty to sacrifice even more to ‘save the planet’ by paying ever higher electricity bills, or buying an electric car they can’t afford.

Just like Australia, Californian’s working poor are especially hurt by the high cost of fuel and electricity. This demographic is the key constituency of the Democratic Party yet they are being left out in the cold air of disinformation.  With the high costs of fuel and electricity and housing, it’s no wonder California continues to suffer the highest percentage of people in poverty, homeless and a welfare crisis that’s so acute it shocks the world.

Regular weekly, bi-weekly, and monthly wage earners have finally begun to figure out why their checkbooks are constantly being drained by lawmakers that constantly use fear tactics to scare the public into compliance to gain more power, more money, and more regulatory control over them with the use of the most terrifying nine words in the English language:

”I’m from the government, and I’m here to help.”

The scare tactics keep changing: ‘As the global warming bubble deflates, another scare is being inflated – species extinction’.  Remember in 2006 when Al Gore got everyone’s attention by projecting the extinction scare of polar bears? He’s gone silent of late on polar bears simply because their numbers keep rising and may have ‘quadrupled’. Polar bears aren’t going anywhere except to the edge of the ice to feed on the also-not-going-extinct artic seals.

The recent remedy that California’s lawmakers are employing as leaders of the state’s 40 million residents, trying to save the world by replacing current continuous uninterruptable electricity sources of nuclear and natural gas generation with renewable intermittent wind and solar powered electricity is a disaster of epic proportions waiting to happen.

While the California working class is picking up the tab for the state’s environmental crusades, China, India, and Africa are using, planning and building thousands of the dirtiest, coal-fired power plants in the world to provide electricity to billions in their developing countries.

Interestingly, in addition to those dirty coal fired power plants in China and India, both are also aggressively pursuing nuclear generation. The net growth in world nuclear generation of zero emission electricity in 2016 to 2040 for China and India will account for 91 percent of the increase in nuclear output according to the International Energy Agency’s World Energy Outlook 2017.

California’s working classes and blue collar workers need to go to the polls and express their displeasure with the direction the government is going.  The imminent rise in deductions from their paychecks to finance this renewable energy fiasco is going to hurt even more into the future. If you think the poverty and homeless issue is bad now, wait till the lights start flickering and going out all over the state due the inconsistency of wind and solar power.

The people may want to take to the streets like the dissatisfied masses in France, but they are better served by going to the polls and electing level headed officials who will put an end to this nonsense.

Follow the lead of Australia’s voters and take control of your fates.  Fear not the future. It is yours to make as you see fit. Knuckling under only serves the purpose of the elitists in power who try to kill the urges of the masses trying to live a better life.

Solar and wind powered infrastructures are not the wave of the future.  A better way beyond fossil fuels, besides clean nuclear energy, has not been found regardless of what you’ve been told. California’s green warriors are having a kneejerk reaction to the emotional reporting on impending climate decline and the ultimate extinction of all life on this planet.

Climate change figures are being debunked everyday by scientists who’ve studied the earth’s ever changing ecosystem.  Reports show Arctic and Antarctic ice is thickening not dissolving. Studies show species thought to be going extinct are on the rise.  

In the life of this planet, species have gone away and others have replaced them.  It is the natural order of things. What is unnatural is the diminishing amount of take home pay the working class is expected to accept as a result of failing government policies they are expected to support via increasing taxes.

Say what you will about Australians but their electorate went to the polls and showed they’d had enough of the fear and scare mongering. I beseech California voters to do the same.