A president ruling by fiat has been a disaster for the country and California. So why does Kamala Harris want to be another president ruling by fiat?

But that’s what the U.S. Senator and presidential candidate is proposing. Indeed, Harris has coupled her policy ideas with pledges to enact them by executive order.

That’s not nearly as bad as Trump, since his policies are worse, are based in nonsense and bigotry, and come wrapped in all kinds of divisive action or rhetoric. But Harris is embracing his authoritarian method of enacting policies without Congress or proper process.

That blurs the line unacceptably with a president who is a clear threat to the republic. And it’s an inexplicable decision for someone who has been representing California, the state that is a target of so much of Trump’s authoritarian nonsense. California has had to go to court again and again to check Trump’s authoritarian actions.

The country, and Harris’ state, need a president who respects the constitution, process, and fellow citizens. In other words, we need a democratic president, not just a Democratic one. We don’t want to replace one autocrat with another.