One of the most controversial bills coming out of the 2019 Legislative Session was Assembly Bill 5, by Assembly Member Lorena Gonzalez (D – San Diego), dealing with the codification of the “ABC Test” found in the Dynamex decision for classification of workers.

Since the enactment of AB 5 last fall, legislators up and down the State of California have been hearing from their constituents regarding how disruptive AB 5 is to their work. As a result, many professions are pursuing exemptions or “carve-outs” from the provisions of AB 5, now found in Labor Code Section 2750.3.

As you can read below, there are more than 30 bills that were introduced by the February 21 bill introduction deadline that propose to amend or repeal AB 5. The following are the bills that were introduced by the February 21 deadline for the 2020 Legislative Session.

Of course, additional measures could be added to this list once “spot bills” and “intent bills” are amended with substantive language. Until then, these are the measures that will be under consideration by the California Legislature in the coming months:

Assembly (20)

Senate (14)

Only time will tell which of these measures make their way to Governor Newsom’s desk. 

The Legislature is scheduled to adjourn on August 31 and the Governor will have until September 30 to act on measures.