Listening to the daily COVID-19 virus updates from Governor Newsom and Los Angeles Mayor Garcetti, brings to mind one of the best-known quotes from Clara Peller who was a manicurist and American character actress who, at the age of 81, starred in the 1984 “where’s the beef?”  advertising campaign for the Wendy’s fast food restaurant chain. Today, neither Newsom nor Garcetti provide the “science” numbers to support their authority to shut down the California economy. 

The COVID-19 “science” is the actual statistical numbers. The virus is hard on the elderly, with those 65 and older accounting for 80% of the California fatalities. The population age 65 and over represent about 15 percent of the population. It does not make a lot of statistical sense for our elected leadership to be blind to the “real science numbers” and hold the other 85 percent of the population (approximately 34 million) hostage, which results in catastrophic damage to the economy. 

Where is the virus “science”? The Center for Disease Control (CDC) data shows California experienced more than 200,000 fatalities per year from 2014 thru 2017 from ALL causes including Heart Disease, Cancer, Stroke, Alzheimer’s Disease, Respiratory, Accidents, Diabetes, Influenza/Pneumonia, Hypertension, and Liver Disease. 

If we double the CA COVID-19 virus 3,753 fatalities through May 24, 2020, we get 7,500, compared to the 6,340 in 2017for the entire year from Influenza/Pneumonia.

Here’s a more concise look at the CDC science that shows the fatalities from those flu-like symptoms has remained constant at less than 4 percent of California’s annual fatalities.

CDC Statistics 2014 2015 2016 2017
1.  Cancer 58,412 61,289 61,573 62,797
2.  Heart Disease 58,189 59,629 59,515 59,516
3.  Stroke 13,731 15,065 15,680 16,355
4.  Chronic Lower Respiratory Diseases 12,780 15,065 15,570 16,238
5.  Alzheimer’s Disease 12,644 13,621 13,710 13,881
6.  Accidents 11,804 12,544 13,213 13,840
7.  Diabetes 8,249 8,845 9,124 9,595
8.  Influenza/Pneumonia 5,970 6,188 5,981 6,340
9.  Chronic Liver Disease/Cirrhosis 5,013 5,425 5,287 5,596
10. Hypertension 4,573 5,118 5,100 5,325
Annual Fatalities 191,365 202,789 204,753 209,483
% of the fatalities from Influenzas/Pneumonia 3.120% 3.051% 2.921% 3.026%


Double the CA COVID-19 virus 3,753 fatalities through May 24, 2020, we get 7,500 for a 2019 projected 209,000 annual fatalities 3.589%

As a result of the leadership from Newsom and Garcetti, here are a few quick notes about the COVID-19 carnage on the job market that has been exposed, as our elected officials have been oblivious to basic math for decades, and continue to be void of a few economic basics such as:

In four years from now, before Governor Newsom decides to take a run at the Presidency of the USA, and before Mayor Garcetti decides to take a run at the Governorship of California, they both owe an explanation to the 40 million residents of the state as to why they were oblivious to the CDC science numbers that demonstrate that flu virus fatalities have been constantly less than 4 percent of all fatalities, and continued to use their authority to virtually kill the California economy.