Legislature Shouldn’t Tax Innovation

When it comes to innovation and job creation, let’s keep the gold in the Golden State. The role of private equity in funding the growth of many bread-and-butter, consumer-based firms that call California home – companies such as Peet’s Coffee and El Pollo Loco – is in serious jeopardy due to the possible re-emergence of […]

In California and Silicon Valley, Results Trump Rhetoric

In Silicon Valley, results trump rhetoric. Annually, the Silicon Valley Leadership Group and the Silicon Valley Community Foundation produce the “Silicon Valley Competitiveness Project,” evaluating our strengths and shortcomings. We assess Silicon Valley against five top technology regions in the United States: Austin, Boston, New York City, Seattle and Southern California. Driven by data, a […]

The Power of Partnerships

The Silicon Valley Leadership Group led 20 CEOs and senior officers to Washington, D.C. last week for three full days of advocacy for comprehensive immigration reform. The numbers only tell part of the story: 58 one-on-one visits with key members of the House of Representatives, including 33 Republicans who we believe are open to meaningful […]

Annual Silicon Valley CEO Business Climate Survey

We recently released our 10th Annual CEO Business Climate Survey – completed by 177 Silicon Valley CEOs and senior officers, who drive the earth’s innovation economy. They are cautiously optimistic about the Valley economy in 2013, with roughly half expecting to hire this year and only 10 percent expecting staff reductions. The survey also identified […]