Can California Democrats “Go Where the Facts Lead”?

The dust is still settling after the much awaiting appearance of former Special Council Robert Mueller before the U.S. Congress, but most major media outlets and commentators agree that the Mueller testimony fell flat, and perhaps raised more questions about the Russia investigation than it answered.   A key question continues to be raised regarding the […]

Should California Business Leaders Accept a Deteriorating State Business Climate?

In recent weeks and months, there has been a back and forth debate in the media and at political events regarding California deteriorating business climate.  In particular, as discussed in a recent Fox & Hounds Daily column, the liberal-leaning Economist wrote a major story that was highly critical of California’s political economy which concluded that […]

Can the CAGOP stage a political comeback?

One key issue that often comes up in the mainstream media, as well as California political circles, is whether or not the California Republican Party (CAGOP) can begin to rise again, as opposed to continuing to decline in political relevance and legislative power.   As a matter of full disclosure, I am currently registered as a […]

Can “California Progressivism” survive the Trump Administration?

There is nothing more controversial in California politics than President Donald J. Trump, the Trump Administration and the manifestation of all its politics and rhetoric.  California Governor Gavin Newsom (D) has worked to elevate himself in the national media by criticizing all things Donald Trump, and Donald Trump has done his best to aggravate the […]

Does California’s Minimum Wage Make Economic Sense?

A new study on California’s minimum wage policies raises serious questions about whether the state’s minimum wage makes good economic sense. The April 2019 study, titled “The Minimum Wage: An Analysis of the Impact on the Restaurant Industry,” was prepared by the UC Riverside Center for Economic Forecasting and Development for the California Restaurant Association. […]

Can California find a “third way” set of successful economic policies?

One of the greatest current impediments to the State of California’s long-term success, both economically and socially, is its lack of a coherent, consistent, and viable set of economic policies. For example, how should California government handle the economy?  At what level should we tax private property, goods and services to provide the optimal level […]

Should the State of California eliminate Proposition 13?

In November 2020, California voters will be given a chance to weigh in on one of the most dangerous and sweeping economic propositions in the state’s history.   A well-funded public employee union coalition has qualified a measure that would dismantle Proposition 13 by removing taxpayer protections for non-residential property. We are told the measure […]

Can California government hold the political center?

In an increasingly polarized and chaotic political world, this week U.S. House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) demonstrated her political knowledge, wisdom and leadership skills by making a series of comments that encourage the Democrat Party and its elected Congressional delegation to “hold the political center.” Pelosi made a series of very interesting and insightful remarks […]