What California’s New Data Privacy Law Means for Marketers

Last week, California Governor Jerry Brown signed the California Consumer Privacy Act of 2018. The new law aims to give consumers more control over their personal data, imposes limitations on how data can be shared with third parties, and forewarns harsh penalties for organizations that don’t comply. The sweeping and complex law, to take effect in […]

Political Forces That Could Impact Obamacare Reform or Repeal

In spite of the flurry of news last week regarding the future of the nation’s signature healthcare law, the path forward for the Affordable Care Act is not the blitzkrieg President Donald Trump or Republicans envisioned. On Wednesday, Feb. 15, the Trump Administration proposed regulations intended to “stabilize the individual and small group markets.”  A […]

California’s Drought is a Communications and Policy Issue

In the face of California’s crippling drought, public agencies will have to employ wide-ranging strategies and tactics to educate, motivate, enforce, and reinforce messages about drastic water cutbacks. Their success or failure hinges on how they communicate to diverse audiences about managing water, a precious natural resource. In their dilemma, there are also communications lessons. […]