California Politics Needs More Voices and More Choices

California is a blue state. It is a very, very blue state. It is the state that single-handedly gave Hillary Clinton her pyrrhic popular vote victory in 2016. But the Golden State’s long-standing Democratic dominance means that politically diverse voices are often left in the wilderness and even more often, California voters are left with […]

The Alt-Right’s Young Men of Means

Last weekend’s events in Charlottesville, Virginia still reverberate around the country. The white, nationalist, Nazi-inspired marchers invaded the idyllic college town and brought the fury of racial hatred and poisonous ideology with them. Watching myriad news reports it’s clear these were young men of some means. Many wore white polo shirts and khaki pants with […]

Jim Comey: A Political Animal Uncaged

Jim Comey’s testimony was about the most widely anticipated hearing since Oliver North sat before Congress in 1987 during the Iran-Contra scandal. That was six years into Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Comey sat before the microphone less than five months into Donald Trump’s first term. He was poised, calm, collected and extremely candid in his answers […]

Six Things About Donald Trump’s Inauguration

I awoke Friday with butterflies. As a scion of DC politics and a long-time practitioner of it, Inauguration Day, regardless of president or party, always leaves me excited and appreciative of the country in which I live. As the live feeds scrolled from Blair House, where I spent endless days in 2001 eating finger sandwiches, […]

First Debate Recap: The Devil Went Down to Hofstra

During the 90 minutes of tonight’s first Presidential debate, Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton demonstrated who they are at their respective cores. Trump, despite a fairly strong first 30 minutes, could not or would not moderate his style as the debate went on. Clinton was not particularly inspiring, but she absolutely knew her stuff and […]

Coming Together After Orlando

We live our lives day by day, but we are defined by those moments which we carry with us forever. Whether a wedding, the birth of a child or an historic event, we remember the fluid details and panorama of experiences that we lose in an average Tuesday as soon as its over. I can remember exactly […]

California: The Cradle of Over-Regulation

Tonight, 16 Republican presidential candidates will gather at the Ronald Reagan Presidential Library in Simi Valley to discuss the future of our country. There will be plenty of loud talk and sound bites, but will any of them really address the steps needed to get the American economy back on its feet after eight years […]

Rand Paul’s Silicon Rally

Senator Rand Paul addressed a crowd of about 150 people and press at the Startup House in San Francisco, California. He was in the city to announce his procurement of ‘work space’ in the heart of the tech community and rollout additional members of his technology advisory council. Senator Rand Paul (R-KY) speaks at the Startup House in […]

Real Impact of a Broken System

California’s headlines have been filled with stories about tens of thousands of inmates – at one point nearly 30,000 (approximately one in four of those incarcerated) – forgoing food in protest of their living conditions. The problems of California’s prison system are myriad: It has  been in Federal receivership for years, its consistently over-crowded and […]

When Judgment Goes Lacking

Two weeks ago – a week that was one of the worst in recent American history, the small town of West, Texas – about 20 miles north of Waco, was devastated when a fertilizer plant exploded – killing 15, wounding dozens and flattening buildings in the surrounding area. In response, last week The Sacramento Bee […]