Dividing California

(Editor’s Note: In 1993, then state legislator Stan Statham offered a bill to divide California into different states, which passed the Assembly. In view of Siskiyou County supervisors’ vote to support the county seceding from California, we asked him to reflect on that effort. Twenty years ago on June 10, 1993, I was able to […]

Too Many Debates?

America is definitely in an early Presidential political debate season.  What’s happening?  We have had 8 so far, with another 12 still scheduled for the Republican Primary between now and March 5th.  The next debate is Tuesday, October 11th on Bloomberg TV. Is it just because there are too many politicians who want to be […]

SB 202: Will More or Less People Vote in November?

Since the last minute passage of SB 202, the legislation that will move all initiatives and referenda to the November ballot, proponents have been arguing that the change would result in more people voting on initiatives and referenda.  Although statistics show that more people vote in the November general election than the June Primary, there […]