K-12 Schools Key to East Bay’s Economic Future

Last month Contra Costa County Supervisors were briefed on the region’s future job outlook by representatives from the Contra Costa Community College District, the county’s Workforce Development Board and the Contra Costa Council. These groups work with leaders from local industry to develop job training programs to meet employer needs. The discussion focused on job growth in the context of developing Contra Costa’s […]

Public Pension Transparency: Lipservice vs. Reality

Growing public pension costs strain agency budgets and jeopardize services to the public.  So it’s no surprise that, as pension liabilities multiply, government retirement systems frequently are in the news.  However, the Contra Costa County Employees’ Retirement Association (CCCERA, “suhs-air-uh”) apparently prefers to fly under the radar. CCCERA is an independent governmental entity, separate and […]

Government Agencies Never Die, They Just Reorganize

During debate about the fate of the San Francisco Bay Area’s Mt. Diablo Health Care District (MDHCD), which culminated in a Contra Costa LAFCO Commission vote to dissolve the agency, County Supervisor Karen Mitchoff advocated naming a county agency to assume the health care district’s duties under the direction of an advisory body.  Ultimately, the Commission voted to support Mitchoff’s idea and […]