In a piece of news that has not been widely reported, the AFSCME union that represents workers on all University of California campuses has approved a strike in an effort to seek a 20% wage increase. The union last held a UC-wide strike in April of 2005.

The kicker — unlike their previous strikes, this one would coincide with final exams at the vast majority of UC schools. They have already demanded that both Students and Teachers not cross their picket line, without regard for what effect this might have on those individuals’ academic standing. Even without such a demand, the strike would nonetheless prove extremely detrimental to student life during final exams by shutting down on-campus services like dining halls and shuttles, as well as severely limiting public transit access to and from campuses.

Whether or not the union’s demands are justified, I can’t help but lose respect for anyone who feels that causing such a disruption would work to their benefit. Academia is the lifeblood of a college campus — the University, and the jobs it creates, would be all but nonexistant without the students. An action as distasteful as this attempt to disrupt their exams is a clear example of strongarm bargaining tactics being taken too far.