Here we go again….more bills listed by the California Chamber of Commerce that could damage economic recovery and cause the loss of jobs in California. For a number of years, the CalChamber has listed bills that Chamber officials believe will restrict business and force job loss. The list of this year’s bills can be found here

The Chamber cited 33 bills in six categories. The categories are Barriers to Affordable Housing; Costly Workplace Mandates; Economic Development Barriers; Expensive, Unnecessary  Regulatory Burdens; Fuel Price Increases; and Inflated Liability Costs.

Why press for more burdens when jobs are needed to boost the economy and overcome the government deficit? But it happens every year. The CalChamber has been an effective agent in fighting to maintain job growth in California by bringing attention to these job killer bills.

Fortunately,  Arnold Schwarzenegger has been a good goalie in the governor’s office, blocking many of the job killer bills that reach his desk. As of last year, the Chamber had noted 108 Job Killer bills in the Schwarzenegger years. Thirty reached the governor’s desk and he vetoed 26 of them.

Let’s hope the governor continues to be a sharp goalie and protect California from losing more jobs during these difficult economic times.