Welcome to Fox&Hounds Daily! This is not another blog simply about California politics – although, with our large state and so many voices to be heard, the more comments and participation in the process, the better off we will be. Nor is this site purely a discussion of business issues which are also well represented on the web. This non-partisan site will discuss the mix of politics and business — How the world of politics affects business and how the world of business affects, and is affected by, politics, and what those connections mean to the people in this state that both worlds serve.

The website, delivered free daily to subscribers, business people, opinion leaders, elected officials, and journalists, will educate readers on public policy and political issues. It will help businesses make decisions based on political trends, while at the same time helping policy makers and journalists to understand the issues facing the business community.

We will offer a full roster of regular bloggers and occasional commentators; leading political and business insiders, providing original content on important issues. We will profile business leaders and get their take on the political affairs in the state. We’ll provide links to headlines in other media sources carrying important business and political news, and perhaps we will break some news ourselves from time to time. And, we’ll have a little fun using satire to capture the human foibles and strange logic that comes with trying to steer a ship of state the size of California—with so many would-be captains on deck.

We will engage in the debate over many of the issues that will be discussed on this site.