Will John McCain have a spot in his cabinet for Arnold Schwarzenegger if he wins the presidency? Fox and Hounds Daily had a chance to ask John McCain a few questions and we started with that one. Here are our questions and Senator McCain’s responses.

1) Will you consider offering Governor Schwarzenegger a position in your cabinet or a prominent role in a McCain Administration?

I’m focused on winning in November, and am focused on the issues that voters are talking about in this election.  This election is about who is best to keep our nation safe and get our economy back on track.  I am, however, grateful for Governor Schwarzenegger’s support and his leadership on so many issues. When it comes time to appoint people to my cabinet, I’ll choose people of world-class experience and expertise in the field. Anyone who would serve on my cabinet must have the highest standards of public trust, honesty, fairness, and judgment to important positions in his government.


2) How will small business benefit under a McCain Administration?

Small business owners are the lifeblood of our economy. I will improve the ability of our businesses, both large and small, to compete by reducing our corporate tax rate, providing investment incentives, controlling rising health care costs and ensuring our ability to sell to the 95 percent of the world’s customers who are outside our borders. Small businesses are frequently taxed under the individual income tax. I will keep taxes low. I will also keep the capital gains tax rate down and provide portable health insurance.


3) Given California’s voter registration, recent polls, and recent record voting for Democratic presidential candidates why do you believe you can win California in November?

Fundamentally, this campaign is about who Americans trust to keep their families safe and to keep our economy growing.  That transcends party affiliation and voter registration stats. It’s a question of judgment.  While it will be a tough fight and I take nothing for granted, I’m confident that California voters will give me their support.