A just-completed survey of California voters shows that Proposition 13, the tax limitation measure approved by two-to-one in 1978, still has overwhelming support today.

The survey of 801 voters, conducted by Arnold Steinberg and Associates, reveals that 47.9 percent support Proposition 13 while 19.7 percent are opposed and 32.3 percent are undecided. When provided with information about what Proposition 13 does — placing
limits on annual property tax increases and requiring voter approval
of new local taxes — support swells to 60.4 percent in favor, 26.6 againstand 13 percent undecided.

These results are consistent with a recent Public Policy Institute
of Californian (PPIC) survey that showed 59 percent of respondents
thought Proposition 13 was a good for the state while 27 percent

View the survey questions and results here.