So its the topic on everyone’s lips here in Denver. Every person you run into, its the first question they ask. Your answer determines your place in the social hierarchy…you answer incorrectly and believe me, your stock is tanking faster than Countrywide.

Its not what state you’re from, its not who you’re voting for. No, it’s far more important than that folks – it’s "what parties are you going to?"

Yes, I thought I would wade into this convention scene slowly. I thought you should hear about the big thinking going on, the beauty of the city, the greatness of our future (fingers crossed) first lady. So now, I can tell you the truth. It’s not about the politics, it’s about the party. And I don’t mean Democrat or Republican…I mean GQ, Rock the Vote, Recording Industry of America (RIAA -THE hot ticket), Sex, Cocktails, and Politics (Planned Parenthood smartly branding themselves), Politico, and Gavin Newsom.

People spend weeks beforehand and many hours during the convention negoiating party tickets. I have had people cross a room to introduce themselves to me solely because they thought I could hook them up with good tickets. Convention passes aren’t this hotly desired. In fact, I have two passes for tonight and I can’t give them away. But, my DLC John Legend passes are like gold. I grew up near Washington DC, and they used to say (USED to) that 50 yard line Redskins tickets were way more valuable than a seat in Congress. Well, if I had to choose between 10 floor passes to the convention and 10 passes to the DLC party …

The other staggering fact is that there are so many parties I haven’t even heard about – and my list is an Excel spreadsheet with more pages than War and Peace.

So here’s my unofficial guide to parties…

1. Fun States = Fun Parties. Texas, California, New York – I’m thinking these guys know how to party. Rhode Island, Delaware, North Dakota – uh, maybe not so much? (But, if they invite me to their parties, I’m happy to reconsider my BLOG post in future editions)

2. If there are famous people, it must be fun. This might be an LA bias but I’m pretty sure Ben Affleck isn’t hanging out at lame parties. It’s amazing how much even one celebrity (A-, B-, or C-List) elevates the status of a party invite.

3. Music is good. Live music is better. Rocking or "Baracking" the Vote is the best.

4. Parties sponsored by adult beverage companies often involve large and very cool, tricked-out modes of transportation. Patron Tequila has a train car and Maker’s Mark has a bus.

5. You can get more work done in one night of parties than in weeks back at home. I’m not going to name names here kids, but trust me, it’s been going well.

A special "you go, girl!" for Hillary –

I’m not a Hillary person – I was never really able to connect with her. I AM a Bill person, I am a Democrat and I am proud of the effort she made to shoot for the highest office in our country. Watching her speech tonight, I can’t help but think that the finest moments of this convention thus far have come from women. And though Hillary Clinton and Michelle Obama are two very different women, they share the gifts of grace, of power, and of inspiration for a nation so greatly in need of leadership.

The best part: "are you in this just for me?" puts the question directly to me and people like me: are we just for ourselves, or are we here to change the world and make a better future? The media focuses on the division but, sitting here in Denver, it’s more about the fact that we’re all in this together.

Keep talking, Hillary. We’re listening. And maybe you could let Ed Rendell know that you’ve moved on?