One of the things I wish I could take home with me from Denver is the rekindling of the spirit and soul of American politics that I have felt so greatly here. In every restaurant and every bar, on the streets and in every conversation – people are invested, interested and engaged. I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t "real life" – but I wish it was. Wouldn’t it be amazing if when our political leaders spoke, people really did stop their idle chatter and pay rapt attention to the words and the issues?

Well, for one week here in Denver, government means something, our future makes a difference, and people everywhere feel a sense of ownership.

And I think that’s what makes this time in our political history so special. For the first time in what has been a long, cold winter, people are shedding the apathy and disenfranchisement of the past 8 years and are waking up to a new America. One where things don’t just happen but where people have a voice and a say in their future.

And this is why I like Joe Biden and Barack Obama. Folks, I’ve been in politics a long time and I’ve seen all types. Politicians that are so shallow and empty that when you meet them, you can’t find one shred of leadership or likeability. When they leave the room people look at each other and ask "how the heck did that guy get elected?"

I’ve also had the honor and great privilege to meet and even work for politicians who restore your faith in democracy, the American political process, and who are so smart and so committed that you’re glad to know they are minding the store.

We also have a remarkable dearth of honest, straight shooters in politics. For whatever reason we don’t, as an electorate, value leaders who take the time to distill the issues or who acknowledge the complexities of the key problems we face. No, we prefer pithy little sound bites and twangy, off the cuff remarks that are more suited for a bar during Monday Night Football than for the leader of the free world. And then we wonder why the rest of the world has decided to focus their support and respect elsewhere?

Watching Biden tonight I was impressed by his passion and his honesty. And, I’m thinking we’re going to get the Democratic version of the "straight talk express" which has been something we’ve not been too good at as a party. I’m looking forward to watching these two smart and savvy pols call them like they see them and who have the mental capacity to solve problems, not just cause them.

Everyone should have the chance to see their party and their country in moments like this. We’re ready for change, America and I’m liking what I’m seeing.