Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association will be in court today seeking an
expedited hearing schedule for its suit challenging the ballot material for
Proposition 1A which seeks voter approval for $9.9 billion for a
controversial "high speed rail" system.

Proposition 1A was placed on the ballot just last week as a replacement for
Proposition 1. Both would authorize a massive $9.9 billion bond as seed
money for a controversial "high speed rail" project from San Francisco to
Los Angles. But the switch from Prop 1 to Prop 1A will cost the state over
$5 million just for the supplemental ballot – and serious questions have
been raised about whether the Secretary of State even has enough time to
comply with federal laws designed to permit overseas military personnel to
vote on the election.

Proposition 1A is flawed both procedurally and substantively. The manner in
which the title and summary have been prepared, the false and misleading
information in the ballot material and the fact that this project will be
one of the biggest boondoggles in American history render Prop 1A a taxpayer

The real problem with Proposition 1A is that the title and summary of the
measure do not match up with the words of the actual law putting it on the
ballot. The normal process for putting a measure on the ballot was
completely bypassed. Rather than have the Attorney General prepare the
title and summary, the legislature – under the influence of the project’s
proponents – prescribed how the title and summary will appear in the ballot
pamphlet. Voters need to understand that what they read in the ballot
pamphlet is not objective or unbiased.

The most stark example of erroneous language being that the summary states
that there exists a requirement for "matching funds" from either the federal
government or private sources. The problem is that the language in the
measure itself has no requirement for matching funds – only that such
matching funds will be "encouraged." There is a huge difference to
taxpayers if matching funds are required versus merely being "encouraged."