Sometimes government can’t help itself. We pay some of the highest taxes in the nation and receive some of the worst in government service. So it should come as no surprise when government works overtime to prevent you from helping yourself.

At Davis Senior High School in Davis, California, the students have been doing what students throughout our country have done to raise money. They hold fundraisers. Many of these fundraisers are in the form of bake sales, pizza sales etc…The proceeds go to sponsor the myriad of students clubs and activities on campus. But no more.

The Sacramento Bee reports that the school district has prohibited food sales that weren’t prepared by a commercial enterprise. Commercially prepared food also has to be paid for with a check. As one student points out, “Who pays for a slice of pizza with a check?” She’s right. How many students are running around with checkbooks?

Student clubs also can’t meet without a teacher present. The district must think cookies and free association are one step away from total anarchy. Violations of these new rules will be grounds for immediate disbandment. No exceptions!

Well kids, think of yourselves as lucky. At least the state didn’t come after you for sales tax on your smores.

Perhaps we will see an uprising of French Clubs getting together off campus to speak in French, eat brie and cry for liberty.