California Forward, the non-profit group seeking to create a more responsive, representative and cost effective government held a session on the California budget in Sacramento Friday entitled, “Just How Bad Is It?”

One of the panelists was outgoing Legislative Analyst Elizabeth Hill who has been in the thick of the budget battles for over twenty years. Here is some of the thoughts and wisdom dispensed by Hill as she leaves her post:

Hill finds herself torn on the issue of requiring a two-thirds vote to pass the budget and raise taxes. For a long time, she said, she believed the two-thirds vote insured a bi-partisan commitment for California’s values and goals. But, given the recent polarization in the legislature, she admitted she was now considering a majority vote may be better, but she had not made up her mind. Hill emphasized this was a personal opinion and not a reflection of the Legislative Analyst’s Office.

Soon, she will have time to give many more personal opinions. Can’t wait for the book.