Accusations of voter fraud have dominated the news cycle as of late, with groups such as ACORN going as far as to register 7-year-old girls to vote alongside Mickey Mouse, members of the Dallas Cowboys (in Arizona) and a particular teenager who is set to vote 73 separate times.

The fact that such a story has received so much coverage as of late is indicative of the Media’s bias in favor of conservatives – this is just another blatant Rove/Cheney/Fox News/Diebold attempt to see that individuals are denied the right to vote!

In fact, we have obtained the agenda of the radical right, no doubt personally drafted by the evil forces of Donald Rumsfeld and Newt Gingrich, detailing their plans to deny true social justice in this coming election. Here are just some of their evil plans:

Knowing what we’re up against, we must fight to ensure that every vote is counted!