What seems like the longest election cycle in history will mercifully be over in three weeks. President Bush is down to his last three months in office and I am sure that after eight long and difficult years he is ready if not eager to go home to Crawford, Texas and let someone else see if they can govern this restless and divided country.

But what about the foam-at-the-mouth Bush-haters? What will they do with themselves? How will Keith Olberman, Bill Maher, Chris Matthews, Maureen Dowd, MSNBC, NBC, CNN, CBS and the New York Times cope with this situation? To say nothing about the late night comedians like David Letterman who will have no material.

And what about the insipid and vacuous Hollywood celebrities? Who will they trash from the safety of their mansions in Beverly Hills and the Cannes Film Festival? And the Democrats in Congress will have lost their favorite punching bag . The Daily Show with Jon Stewart and The Colbert Report with Steven Colbert will be dropped from the Comedy Central due to drastic ratings drops without Bush and the Republicans in power providing fodder.

The Washington-New York-Hollywood Axis of Elitism will be in crisis because the object of their scorn is gone and Democrats are in complete control of the Federal Government. So who and at what will they direct their hate, sarcasm and venom?

Now if John McCain becomes President, their Bush hatred will be easily transferred to him and they won’t miss a beat. But what if Obama wins? What next?

They can’t trash him because he is the “one we have been waiting for” and it would be bad form to trash a Messiah (Although the secular elites hate this term because it is against their concept of the constitutional separation of church and state).

No I fear the Bush-haters will have a collective mental breakdown and will require counseling and possibly worse.

BHA (Bush Haters Anonymous) groups will spring up all over America so that those who have carried this disease with them for the last eight years can “confront their demons” and “learn to live one day at a time”. Rehab centers will be doing a land office business as liberal elites wander about diving into internet dumpsters like the Huffington Post to find something Republican to hate so they can stop the DTs of withdrawal from Bush Hatred and its more virulent strain, Republican Hatred.

The cure from Bush Hatred will come after the apotheosis of Barack Obama on January 20, 2009 as he mounts the West Steps of the Capitol to take the oath of office.

It is such a simple cure that those who struggled with Bush Hatred withdrawal immediately after the November election will wonder what they were so worried about.

Bush Haters will be replaced by Obama Apologists.

Katie Couric of CBS, Brian Williams of NBC, Charlie Gibson of ABC and Wolf Blitzer of CNN will breathlessly report on their nightly broadcasts on the “restoration of Kennedy’s Camelot” and the world will “love America once again”. Only the Islamic terrorists will sill hate us until Obama has had a chance to “open a dialogue with them” and their Iranian and Syrian paymasters.

And MoveOn.org will close its doors forever placing the words “mission accomplished” on its website.

Since there will still be those difficult cases of Bush Hatred that seem to resist the cure, whenever something goes wrong or the Obama Administration does something stupid, it will be blamed on George Bush. This will be like a shot of methadone for the Bush Haters and the Obama Apologists hope this will last for four years so they don’t have to take any responsibility for what goes wrong.

There is only one thing the Axis of Elitism will have to fear—the American people in “fly over country” who want to see things get done and America’s problems addressed. Camelot does not interest them. Keeping or finding a job, paying the mortgage or the rent, putting food on the table, educating their kids and filing up their gas tanks are more important than phony image making.

And while I have been disappointed and sometimes angry at some of the things George Bush has or has not done, he alone is not responsible for everything wrong in America. But among the elites in the mainstream media, academia and the punditocracy, it is an article of faith.

But whoever becomes President in a few weeks will need to deliver results and fast. The people are divided, scared and angry and they are tired of government at all levels that seems incapable doing anything right.

No amount of media puffery, political spin or partisan blame can change that fact.