Socialists of the GOP unite!

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This week, the McCain/Palin ticket has been using the term "Socialist" over and over to describe the positions of their Democratic rivals. (Although today, McCain returned to the Bill Ayers theme).

So, when Gov. Palin accuses Sen. Obama of being a Socialist is she saying that Alaska’s system where every resident of her state receives a $1,000 check from the oil companies who drill there is not Socialist? If they don’t work for the oil companies, why do they deserve a generous check for just living there?

Is Sen. McCain also calling for America to dissolve its most Socialist program—Social Security? He used to mention the idea of privatizing Social Security, but I don’t hear anybody talking about that in this volatile market.

How about the recent Wall Street bailout which Senators McCain, Obama and Biden all supported? And didn’t Sen. McCain suspend his campaign in order to work on the financial crisis? If so, he should explain why Obama is a Socialist but he isn’t.

Speaking of handouts, I think that Gov. Palin looks smashing in her new suits. However, if I were an incumbent GOP Congressman fighting for my political life, I’d be pretty upset that the RNC spends $150,000 on suits for McCain’s running mate instead of putting it into my race where it could make the difference. And isn’t it against the McCain-Feingold rules for political parties and donors to spend money on candidates’ personal needs? I’ll bet Ted Stevens is jealous!

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