These three legislators and a whole host of co-authors have truly started off the new year on the right footing by trying to restore common sense through the Good Samaritan Act.

It seems that once again our California Supreme Court has gotten it wrong in its recent majority opinion stating that the good samaritan law should only apply to emergency medical care providers.  The opinion is based on a Los Angeles case involving a “friend” who pulled another friend out of a crashed car that she thought might catch fire.  The friend filed a suit claiming the other’s actions were negligent and rendered her a paraplegic.  The court should have also ruled on the definition of a friend.

It is great to see a bi-partisan group of legislators step up to the plate and make the law right.  One can only hope that this bi-partisan gesture can bear fruit and that the personal injury lawyers do not try to de-rail this reform.  I am sure they are too busy looking for larger streams of revenue.

Congrats to these legislators for starting 2009 off right.  This kind of bi-paritsan gesture is a great example of how to make the system work for all of us.