By all accounts, the California Republican Party State Convention this past weekend was a successful one – Republicans from throughout California packed into the Sacramento Hyatt to do their part in setting the direction of a party that was thrust into a rebuilding mode after getting trounced in the November elections. This past weekend was a stark contrast from the September convention in Anaheim – one of the most uneventful and under-attended conventions in a long while according to a number of party veterans.

Most visible throughout the weekend was the conservative wing of the party, out in full force to voice their disapproval of those legislators who broke their anti-tax pledges to join Democrats in passing a budget laden with tax increases. Attendees at the convention’s general session overwhelmingly voted to discipline those who broke ranks, denying them any party funding in the 2010 election cycle. Whisper campaigns spread about possible primary challengers for those who would be up for reelection.

A number of candidates made a point of keeping a high profile throughout the weekend, displaying signage and making appearances while having supporters deployed throughout the hotel; the most visible among them were Steve Poizner and Meg Whitman (seeking the office of Governor), Senator Jeff Denham (Lt. Governor), Assemblyman Chuck DeVore (US Senate) and Senator George Runner (Board of Equalization). Other rumored candidates kept a lower profile but made their presence known; Carly Fiorina, contemplating a run for US Senate, wowed crowds with her preparedness and eloquence, while Americans for Prosperity CA Chairman Peter Foy made the rounds for his probable run for Governor, billing himself as a true conservative in a field of moderates.

Here are some of the winners from this past weekend:

I’ll hold off on a list of losers for now, although I’d be happy to take nominations on that front.