Now is the time to pass the budget! If this budget deal fails the costs of the delay will be tremendous.

Each day that passes puts more small businesses in California in harms way and we can not afford to have any more close their doors! All of us know that the job creators have and always will be from small business. No doubt the loss of many small business owners is the critical reason for the high unemployment rate and the poor economic climate in California.

Every day we receive calls from small business owners worried about their employees and keeping their businesses running. One Woman Business Owner in San Diego has fifteen employees and since the State has shut down construction jobs she is at her wits end trying to figure out how to make sure her business survives and keeps her employees. In addition she feels a strong responsiblity to make sure the employee families have food on the table!

The small business community is calling on all parties to put your differences aside and give us a budget! Forget the blame or if you need someone to blame – you can blame small business. We need this resolved so we can get about the business of creating jobs and growing the economy.