It’s beginning to look like an NFL return to Los Angeles within the next two years is but a formality as the City of Industry Planning Commission has approved developer Ed Roski’s plan for a privately financed stadium and retail complex. The plan is now set to go before the Industry City Council in two weeks, where it will likely be approved. I wrote in greater detail about the project and its likelyhood of success this past June — CA will benefit overall as Roski and NFL move toward LA Stadium deal.

In related news – Citizens Against the Stadium, a group formed in opposition to the project in the neighboring City of Walnut, has initiated recalls of the city’s newly sworn in Mayor and a City Councilwoman for not publicly opposing the stadium project. Am I the only one who thinks it’s a bit crazy to see people opposed to a private investment likely in excess of a billion dollars into their local economy, particularly during a recession?

Some other odds and ends from the past week: