Even a guy like me, living on the west side of Los Angeles in the shadow of a government-run art museum currently running an exhibit by contemporary Germans (LACMA), has gotten the news that California conservatives are sticking to their principles in these dark times and opposing things that would bring our society to ruin. Those evils are: European socialism. Governor Schwarzenegger. President Obama. Bailouts. Those gay people who are conservative enough to want to marry. And anyone who negotiates with Democrats.

I’ve been critical of this kind of thinking in this space. I believe I called it cult-like. But the Fullerton rally this weekend shook me up. What people! What power! What principle! And so I’ve been thinking things over, and now I’m sure I got it wrong. I apologize.

So go ahead, conservatives. It’s now or never. Stop the big spending socialists. Keep saying no. Stick to your principles. In fact, take those principle sticks and put some heads on ‘em.

You want to recall the legislators who voted for the budget deal? Recall them.

You want to recall two folks who didn’t support the ouster of the Republican state assembly leader? Recall them.

But the more I think about things, I wonder if this is enough. A handful of legislative recalls of Republican heretics feels kind of small, given the dangers of creeping socialism and worldwide economic ruin. If you don’t mind my saying it, the recalls seem a little too moderate, a little meek for these times.

If you’re going to stick to principles, anyone who has any responsibility for these tax increases and this budget deal need to feel the pain.

I mean, why recall only the Republicans who voted for the budget or didn’t oust the assembly leader? The other Republicans voted against the deal, sure, but they certainly didn’t fight hard enough to block the deal. They were there. They’re complicit. So what good are they? How did they let those squishy moderates run all over them? They must be weak. Let’s recall them too.

And don’t forget those Democratic legislators. All of them. They voted for these taxes. Why should they be permitted to remain in office? If the actions of all Republicans deserve recall, certainly the Democrats deserve recall as well.

The constitutional officers haven’t been much better. Maybe keep Poizner. Nah, he’s another Arnold in disguise. Recall him too.

Recall ‘em all.

Why should anyone at the scene of this budget deal/crime be permitted to remain in state government for a single day? The whole government should fall. Heads on sticks? Weak sauce. Real conservatives know that the free market can produce anything, including a stick that you can get an entire body on, not just the head. In fact, you could get a stick with multiple bodies. Legislator shish kabob! Now there’s some red meat for you! Then we could elect a whole new group of legislators and constitutional officers. A whole new government. It’d almost be parliamentary.

O, no.

Isn’t a parliamentary system kind of European? And those Europeans are socialists.

Damn. This uncompromising, stick-to-your-principles thing is harder than I thought.