In the News — April 9, 2009

Chandra Sharma
Political Communications, Redistricting and New Media Strategist

Assemblyman Anthony Adams was served with recall papers yesterday at a fundraiser with Governor Schwarzenegger. Former GOP Chairman Mike Schroder, who chaired two successful legislative recalls in 1995, did the honors outside the event in Glendora.

Adams’ crossover vote appeared out of character, as the San Bernadino assemblymember is only in his second term – legislators generally don’t expend their political capital so early in their career. If the GOP activists backing this recall prove successful in unseating Adams, I would think the precedent being set might scare others away from doing the same thing in the near future.

Tom Campbell’s been getting a lot of attention from the papers lately. In addition to today’s LA Times article, the San Francisco Chronicle has taken a look at the gubernatorial candidate twice this week (Debra Saunders and John Wildermuth).

Campbell created some buzz by utilizing the California political blogs to get his message across, first by responding to a series of questions from the CalBuzz blog by posting his response in their comments section, and then by posting his positions on the upcoming ballot measures here on Fox&Hounds. Is Campbell being innovative, or is he doing all this to make up for the lack of a powerhouse campaign to compete with those of Poizner and Whitman? Maybe both, but regardless, it looks like he’s managing to stay relevant in what many feel is a two-horse race.

Things are looking good for two key efforts to build new NFL Stadiums in California. The San Jose Mercury reported that the San Francisco 49ers may finally get their wish, with the Santa Clara City Council finally indicating their approval of a plan to build a new superstadium adjacent to the Great America theme park, to hopefully be opened only one year behind schedule for the 2013 NFL season.

Further down south, the City of Diamond Bar approved a settlement that would allow developer Ed Roski’s stadium plan to move forward (addendum: this morning’s news tells of a similar suit filed by citizens in Walnut).

Given that these two projects alone will likely qualify as a two to three-billion dollar investment in the California economy over the next 4 years, it’s time to move forward.

And finally, Guess Jeans co-founder Georges Marciano announced this morning that he’s running for governor. The denim magnate is seeking the office as an independent.

Sure, he’s clearly got the ability to self-fund, but does he have a shot at winning? Well, stranger things have happened.

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