Stop the Personal Injury Lawyer Stimulus Package

Tom Scott
CA Executive Director, National Federation of Independent Business

On April 28th, the personal injury lawyer lobby swept down upon Sacramento for its annual lobby day, making sure that its $4.1 million dollar investment during the 07/08 election cycle is paying off. These are good times for the personal injury lobby. They delivered nationally for Barack Obama and Congress and they even had a pretty decent year in California. Their ship has come in and the first thing the President did for them was to sign the Ledbetter legislation into law.

The Consumer Attorneys of California’s website states "special interest lobbyists are using the economic downturn as cover for passing their anti-consumer, anti-patient, anti-worker and anti environmental agendas. Lobby Day is our opportunity for Consumer Attorneys to unite with one strong voice, reminding legislators why a fair legal system is so important and why we must fight to protect it." Give me a break. Was this written by Erin Brockovich?

The personal injury lawyer lobby is testing the waters throughout all of America, seeing what works and what puts cash back into their pockets. Personal injury lawyers are "for profit". I would argue that they are taking advantage of the economic downturn to drive their agenda home with legislators. Anytime you see a downturn in the economy, you will see an increase in litigation. Filing lawsuits against businesses in this economy is only going to worsen the situation. These lawsuits affect everyone, from the employees to the shareholders and even to the pensioners who will get hit again when a lawsuit is settled.

It is the personal injury lawyer lobby that is taking advantage of an economic downturn. I just wish our legislature had the guts to send them packing. But that is not the case. The majority continue to deliver for them. It is time to stop the economic stimulus package for the personal injury lawyers. Stop their predatory practices.


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