I know a priority for Republicans, like all voters, is protecting the safety of every Californian and ensuring that justice is served. No one likes increased taxes, including myself, however my passion for public safety is unshakeable and these measures will ensure public safety will receive stable funding. The status quo under our current budget system does not do an effective job of providing the resources needed to do this job. Propositions 1A through 1F are critical to ensuring law enforcement officers, firefighters and district attorneys have the resources needed to keep our communities safe. As a result of our dysfunctional budget system, funding for public safety is not only inconsistent, but also often threatened.

That is why it is so disappointing that this small group of party insiders chose to oppose these reforms, particularly Proposition 1A, because this measure will get to the heart of alleviating our budget problems both in the short and long term, and that is crucial for the future of public safety in this state. I am optimistic that Republicans and Democrats will join with this state’s public safety community to say yes to these sound fiscal measures on May 19th and take a significant step toward putting California back on the right track.