Fiorina responds to SF Chronicle Story

Chandra Sharma
Political Communications, Redistricting and New Media Strategist

Many of you likely read the story in this past Friday’s SF Chronicle, accusing possible US Senate hopeful Carly Fiorina of a lack of compliance with government filings in reference to two entities she owns – Carly Fiorina Enterprises and the Fiorina foundation.

Deborah Bowker, Fiorina’s Chief of Staff, contacted us with a brief response:

Carly Fiorina gives of her time and money to help alleviate poverty around the world, empower women, advance freedom of the press, and help the needy throughout the Bay Area. Her activities are fully in compliance with California and federal law and she has fulfilled her tax obligations.

Regarding Carly Fiorina Enterprises (CFE), like many small business owners, she is a sole proprietor and files her taxes as such in the state of California. State registration is not required as CFE is not a separate legal entity. Regarding the Fiorina Family Foundation, it is not a private foundation and there are no required legal filings with the State of California or the IRS.

Ms. Fiorina makes contributions to a donor advised fund account, which she established through a tax exempt public charity registered with the IRS and in good standing in the State of California that acts as a Sponsoring Organization.

Ms. Fiorina retains the right to suggest that charitable grants be made from her donor advised fund account, which is titled Fiorina Family Foundation, to other qualified public charities throughout the United States.

Any implication that she is not in compliance with California or Federal law is false.

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