On July 24-29, the American Association of Justice will be holding its annual conference in San Francisco. Originally they were scheduled to be meeting at the Manchester Hyatt in San Diego, but the labor community put a nix on that. So the AAJ will be meeting this year at the Hilton San Francisco (I hope they have their Prop. 65 warnings posted).

I am not usually picky about which conferences decide to come to our state, but in this case I draw a line. If the trial lawyers want to spend time in our state figuring out how they can sue business and industry they can quite frankly take their business elsewhere. I am sure Florida would be a nice setting. There are certainly enough hotels, runways long enough for their G5’s and plenty of sharks to make them feel at home. And more golf courses then they will ever want.

Just glancing at the agenda for the week would stun you, starting with the Melvin Belli Society Workshop. That sounds sort of fun. What is really fascinating is the "Working Groups." Check them out, you are probably on their list of future targets.  Here are a few:

These are just a sampling of the working groups that the trial lawyers have put together to provide them with future earnings. It never ceases to amaze me how creative they are when it comes to looking at new sources of revenue. All under their definition of "justice." Sure justice.  More like the American Association of Profit.

California has enough problems without opening our golden gates to a bunch of predators who seek to line their pockets off of the pain and misery of others. This year California is closed for your kind of business. Thanks but no thanks.