While the Jerry Brown campaign was successful in pressuring the California Chamber of Commerce to pull the Issue Advocacy ad off the air, one thing the campaign won’t be able to do is have the issues raised by the Chamber go away.

A Brown campaign spokesman called the ad “misleading,” but the facts are clear that Jerry Brown campaigned against Proposition 13 and left the state in deficit. Those issues will come back via other vehicles.

Brown’s position on Prop 13 now is: I was against it before I was for it and now I don’t want to talk about it.

Can he maintain that position through Election Day in November?

* * *

Good for the state senate voting to commemorate Ronald Reagan, California governor and later President. As Senator Bob Dutton said in the debate to declare an official Ronald Reagan Day, Reagan is a “California legend.”

Someone should tell the Los Angeles Times online Entertainment Section that Reagan was President – of the United States, and not just the Screen Actors Guild.

The Times has a section on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with short biographies of each Hall of Fame inductee and the location of their plaque on a Hollywood sidewalk. The Reagan bio spends a couple of paragraphs on his actions during his time as Screen Actors Guild president and his role in the Anti-Communist Hollywood period, but very little on his movies and nary a word about being President of the United States. The Reagan biography is inconsistent with other bios in the Walk of Fame category the Times labeled: Politicians.

* * *

Each of the major Republican gubernatorial campaigns has set up websites attacking their opponent. Steve Poizner goes after Meg Whitman on Real Meg Whitman.com. Whitman returns the favor on Can’t Trust Steve.com.

I checked on Alexa, the Web Information Company to see if anyone in looking at these sites. People more familiar with the Internet than I have told me that record keeping on sites that generate few viewers is difficult to track.

But just for the record, Alexa’s traffic rank for the Real Meg Whitman site is 515,120 of all U.S. websites. The Can’t Trust Steve site traffic rank is 603,747.

Is the race tightening up? Or are these low rankings an indication that nobody cares?