Last week I conducted an interview for Reason Television, Is California Too Big To Fail, in which I talk about the pension tsunami facing California. I review Republican and Democrat resolve relative to our state budget crisis. And I make it clear that, in retrospect, Arnold Schwarzenegger should have received an Academy Award for Best Dramatic Performance in a Recall Election. Check out the interview to here.

Joel Fox asked me to follow up on that interview with a column for Fox & Hounds. I thought hard about it, and decided that I would treat readers to a review of the five upcoming June ballot measures – in rhyme! Enjoy…

The measures before the voters this June are only a few;
Compared with November when we will be facing a slew.
Thirteen through seventeen, the numbers assigned by Bowen;
To explain them all by rhyme, I had best get going…

Prop. 13 is nothing like ’78, controversial to the max;
This boring measure by Ashburn does not revise your property tax.
Unless earthquake improvements to some buildings you undertake;
Then the cost of them is excluded from your taxes until a sale you make.

“Open” the primaries say backers of Prop One-Four;
Except limiting voter choice is what voters have in store.
Brought to you by the same people who backed massive taxes in ’09;
A vote for this measure will mean on the wallets of taxpayers our politicians will dine.

Proponents of Fifteen say they want to make Secretary of State Elections more fair,
By taxing lobbyists to provide public funds for candidates to push their hot air;
But when racists or worse decide to run for office to get their “free money;”
Their outrageous advertising with taxpayer money won’t be so funny.

On this measure to block municipalization of utilities, PG&E is “all in;”
Their goal is to avoid government competition, right now the threat is from Marin.
Overregulation, and AB 32 ensure energy prices will continue their upward float;
Oh yeah, no one with money is opposing Proposition Sixteen’s requirement for a 2/3rds vote.

Harvey Rosenfeld won’t admit the error in his precious 103;
But someone is stepping up for good drivers, in this case Mercury.
Prop. 17 allows a discount for maintaining insurance on your wheels;
But allows you to change carriers in pursuit of better deals.