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Are you surprised?

I guess I should not be, but there is still a little
of me that thought some legislators would get it. Clearly, they do not.

As the trial lawyers swooped down on Sacramento for their annual right
of passage
, I truly thought there might be a glimmer of hope for legal reform,
but not this year and, quite frankly, probably not for a while to
come.Interestingly, the Consumer Attorneys of California had scheduled
its Lobby Day on May 4, the same day that the Assembly Judiciary
Committee was meeting in Sacramento. This is an important policy
committee that deals with all legislation related to legal reform.

key legal reform measures were taken up in that committee yesterday.
One was AB 2588  by Assemblymember Audra Strickland related to class action reform and the other was AB 2740 by Assemblymember Roger Niello related to product liability reform and
caps on punitive damages.

Both of these reforms were part of the
Governor’s legal reform package in an attempt to brings jobs and
economic recovery back to California.

Predictibly, both of these
measures were killed in committee along a party line vote 3-7, with
republicans for and democrats against. To see who is on the Assembly
Judiciary Committee you can go here.

The committee is chaired by Assemblyman Mike Feuer out of Los
Angeles, who is a trial lawyer. I think you can put the pieces of the
puzzle together without a lot of direction.So the Governor’s legal
reform package is dead. Fittingly, it died on Trial Lawyer Lobby Day.

When our education system is ranked 48th in the nation, we made it a
top priority to fix it. But when our legal climate is ranked 46th in
the nation what do we do? Nothing.California certainly wasn’t going to
cut off a revenue stream to a bunch of wealthy trial lawyers and ruin
their lobby day. On a totally separate subject, I have not seen that
many french cuffed shirts in one room in my life.

Business is
struggling, manufacturing is dying and 13% of our state does not have
jobs. And I bet that that number is a lot higher.

Yet, the
powers-that-be in Sacramento continue to tax you, regulate you and let
the trial lawyers litigate you. No reform. Period.

Just remember May
4th. And when these legislators come walking back into their districts
and say they are for small business, check their voting records on
bills like AB 2588 and AB 2740. Remember their voting records when you
go to vote.