I noticed during the recent healthcare debate, as with many political
debates, when Democrats run out of things to argue about they often
issue their ultimate insult: "Republicans are the party of ‘No.’"

They say that like it’s a bad thing.

What they fail to understand is that in politics – as in life – there is value in saying, "No."

For instance, it’s necessary to say "No" when your teenagers want to
stay out until 3a.m.  It’s critical to say "No" when your child places
their hand on the stove.  And it’s best to say "No" when that neighbor
who never returned your weed whacker is now asking to borrow your
mower. Repeat after me: No.

How should we say "No" in 2010?  Let me count the ways.

We should say "No" to California’s $180 Billion energy tax – AB 32 – California’s overreaching global warming mandate.

"No" to California’s $500 Million Pension time bomb.

"No" to the $6-per-bottle beverage Tax on California’s most precious agriculture in my view (yes, that would be wine).

"No" to every other so-called Sin Tax (cigarettes, oil severance,
tanning, pole dancing, hugging your mother instead of a tree, you
know…all of "those" things).

"No" to California’s over-spending, that could result in another "Yes"
from out-of-touch lawmakers increasing Taxes and driving more people
out of the state.

In fact, I suggest it’s high time we said "No" more often.

"No" to higher Taxes.  "Yes" to more fiscal responsibility.

"No" to runaway spending.  "Yes" to reality.

Repeat after me: "No."   "Yes" …that’s more like it.

I think we’re onto something.