Independent agents statewide strongly support Proposition 17 on the June ballot because it will inject more competition into the auto insurance market, allowing us to better shop for the lowest rates for our auto insurance customers.

If passed, Prop. 17 will allow drivers to take their continuous coverage auto insurance discount with them no matter which insurance company they choose. Prop. 17 will reward responsible drivers and save them up to $250 per year.

Here’s the problem Prop. 17 fixes: Under current law, drivers who have maintained auto insurance with the same company are eligible for a continuous coverage discount on their auto policies.  However, a flaw in the law prohibits drivers from taking this discount with them if they switch insurance companies.

Today, 82% of drivers carry insurance as required by law and are penalized — through the loss of a discount – just because they want to switch insurance companies.

That’s unfair. Drivers can take their good driver discount with them when they change insurers. They should be able to take their continuous coverage discount, too.

Prop. 17 ends that penalty and allows drivers to keep their continuous coverage discount even if they change insurers. It increases competition and provides drivers lower prices and more choices.

Prop. 17 does more than benefit the 82% of drivers who maintain continuous coverage.  Prop 17 adds important consumer protections which make California drivers better off. These same provisions also protect the continuous coverage discount for those serving in the military.  

Under current law, drivers whose auto insurance policies lapse for just one day, whether through cancellation or missed payment, lose their continuous coverage discount and have to pay higher rates when they restart coverage.

In contrast, Prop. 17 includes a 90-day grace period which allows drivers to qualify for the discount if their policy lapses for up to 90 days for any reason other than non-payment.  This provision protects drivers who stop driving for short periods of time. It also protects military personnel who may get stationed in another state for up to 90 days.

If the cancellation is longer than 90 days, Prop. 17 adds protections for drivers by allowing insurers to grant the continuous coverage discount at their discretion. This provision also protects soldiers who may be stationed out of California for longer than 90 days.

Prop. 17 also ensures that members of the military don’t lose their discount when they serve overseas.

None of these protections exist in current law today.

Prop. 17 is supported by the California Chamber of Commerce, Consumers Coalition of California, Small Business Action Committee, California Senior Advocates League, California Black Chamber of Commerce, California Hispanic Chambers of Commerce, California Taxpayer Protection Committee, and many more.

A YES vote on Prop. 17 gives consumers the freedom to shop around without losing their continuous coverage discount and will benefit millions of California drivers.

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