Will the roiling debate over the Arizona immigration law produce an unintended consequence of sinking a Los Angeles school tax proposal?

In response to the Arizona law, the Los Angeles Unified School District voted unanimously to condemn the Arizona law. At the same time, the school board ordered that the Arizona immigration law be taught in the classroom.

While LAUSD Superintendant, Ramon Cortinez, said the classroom instruction would present both sides of the controversy, citing an LAUSD spokesperson, the L.A. Times said, "The issue would, in essence, be dealt with in a manner similar to the way other broadly accepted episodes of racial and cultural intolerance and discrimination are discussed."

The school board’s action has engendered negative responses from some Los Angeles residents. The voters of Los Angeles who disagree with the board’s action have a way to react to the ruling. Measure E on the ballot would create an annual $100 per parcel property tax for four years to help fund the LAUSD. The measure requires a two-thirds vote to pass.

Enough voters deciding to protest the school board’s decision by voting no on Measure E could keep it under the two-thirds vote threshold.

Something to watch for election night.