California State Senator Gil Cedillo (along with the California
Latino Legislative Caucus) proposed a Resolution on Wednesday that would force
California to boycott the state of Arizona in light of that state’s tough
crackdown on illegal immigrants.

I could be wrong, but wasn’t that last month’s story? Seems to me our
buddy Gil Cedillo is a day late and a few pesos short of a sound idea.

To be sure, this is right up Cedillo’s alley. He is, after all, the State
Senator who has continued pushing for Driver’s Licenses for illegal
immigrants. But calling for a boycott against one of our fellow
southwestern states and trying to strip them of the 2011 All-Star MLB
game seems silly at this point when there are so many other pressing
matters facing OUR State.

Surely the Latino Caucus can think of other ways to help Latinos in this
state. At a time of record 12 percent unemployment, one would think the
Latino Caucus would be more concerned with helping their constituency
find jobs, turning the water back on in the Central Valley to help the
record unemployment (a stunning 46 percent in some heavily Latino farming
towns), and providing relief for the many Latino small business owners in
the state.

Calling for a boycott of Arizona bill SB1070, a bill that’s already been
signed into law is a silly waste of time.

The State Senate should be focusing on what’s really important to voters
these days — and that’s keeping more Pesos right here in California’s