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week, Off The Presses radio interviewed Meg Whitman’s policy advisor
Rob Stutzman and Fox & Hounds’ publisher Joel Fox. Click here to listen.

Stutzman presented some of Ms. Whitman’s policy objectives to reign in
state spending and improve the state’s business climate through
regulatory reforms.

He also drew contrasts between Whitman and Jerry
Brown along the lines of business management experiences and "career
politician" experiences, which will surely be a theme of Whitman’s ads
between now and Nov. 2. Plus, Stutzman is a witty guy and rolled with
the radio show hosts’ weird senses of humor.

With Joel Fox, we discussed the annual missed budget passage deadline
and what some of the proposals are to plug the $20 billion budget
deficit including borrowing and an oil severance tax. Fox also
addressed why the legislature might pull the water bond from the Nov. 2
ballot and what effect the tea party movement is having on the GOP this

This week, Off the Presses will be moving to its new time slot on
Wednesday at 10-11 a.m. on We’ll be joined by Dick
Castner of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and political science
professors at CSU Channel Islands Scott Frisch and Sean Kelly, who have
a new book coming out this summer entitled Cheese Factories on the
Moon: Why Earmarks are Good for American Democracy. Pork and cheese…sounds like an appetizing conversation!

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