Who says money and politics don’t mix? (Well, nobody).

On this week’s episode of Off
The Presses
radio program, we spoke with Bob Stern of the Center for
Governmental Studies who commented on the organization’s new report, Money &
Power in the City of Angels
. Among its findings is that L.A. city
incumbents were all easily reelected and outraised their opponents, 19-1, and
that 99.993% of L.A. City Council votes were unanimous last year.

We also chatted with PR guru and political pundit Michael
Levine who publishes the LBNElert and
explained why we’re fascinated with Lindsay Lohan’s and Mel
Gibson’s troubles and how he’s leading a boycott of Scotland over
its role in releasing convicted Lockarbie terrorist Abdel Baset al-Megrahi and
if BP had any influence in return for new oil agreements in Libya. Michael also
revealed who won’t be the next GOP nominee for president.

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Garza followed by a conversation with witty journalist and author Walter Brasch to discuss his new book, Sinking
the Ship of State: the Presidency of George W. Bush.