Jerry Brown released his first official campaign television ad and it contains a decidedly Republican theme. Following a revisit of his governorship by an announcer, Brown comes on the screen to tell voters three points of his platform: We must live within our means; power must move to the local level; and no new taxes without voter approval.

Of course, there are many Republicans who want no new taxes — period! But, generally, for years Republicans have emphasized the points expressed by Brown.

However, Brown adopting these themes raises some questions in the current political environment.

If we should live within our means, as Brown suggests, how would he handle the current budget crisis?

Living within our means would indicate we should probably adopt the Schwarzenegger budget proposal, or something like it, that would match spending with revenue. Is that what Brown wants to do? Certainly, that is not the position of the Democratic legislators and Brown’s public employee union backers.

Or, would he turn to the third piece expressed in the ad and ask voters to raise taxes?

And, what about the idea of turning more power over to local control? Both Brown and Republicans who support such an idea will have to explain how that benefits citizens in the wake of the City of Bell scandal.

Brown’s positions echoing Republican rhetoric begs the question: Wouldn’t a Republican do a better job with this platform?